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You will find here all the knowledge and tips related to strategy games. From a simple list of all games to the small secrets that create the best players out there. In the right there is a set of articles that contain this knowledge, so stay tuned!

Best Strategy Games

What am I doing?

I always loved fantasy games. It started when I was 14 years old (back in the 90th) and me and my friends started playing Dungeons and Dragons- I was an Elf which is a mixture of a worrier and magician. I have to be both, loved the idea of being a worrier but could not give up on all the magics. 

But something was missing in D&D, it was too abstract for me, a lot of aspects were missing and I didn't bring my self fully in. Something in me looked for the real thing, the real game which will put me in the right position.

That was the era of Sierra's quests when suddenly Dune 2 was emerged, and I became an expert. No matter who it was: Harkonnen ,Atreides I always had a great time.

But the time passed, I went to University, got married and had children and abandoned the games :(

And now, 20 years after, I am starting my voyage again to discover the best strategy and fantasy games out there. I am going to explore it all, whether its on iPhone Desktop, multiplayer or single, you are seeing the person that is going to be a strategy games freak.

The best strategy game ever :)